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Trouble with Snakes?

Living with Snakes can be a significant threat to our wellbeing, and especially for our little children and pets.
Pest service control BD, one of the leading pest control companies in Dhaka, specializes in eliminating snake and snake pests from your home or any place near your home.
We can see snakes in the gardens and courtyards of houses, buildings, industries, and farms. Also, they can sneak into our homes through the bottoms of doors and windows or the slits. At Pest service control BD, we implement the necessary measures to eliminate snake pests and block their future entry into homes.
Snakes are generally shy animals that don’t want anything to do with people. They can be beneficial because they eat mice, slugs, worms, insects, and other pests, and at the same time, they can be food for other wild animals such as hawks.

Snake Control Service for Garments in Dhaka, Bangladesh

In Pest service control BD is, the leading pest control company in Dhaka, we carry out treatments to prevent and control snakes at a particular community level and for companies surrounded by vegetation and with areas that are affected by the risk of bites.

Our Procedure to eliminate snake

In Pest service control BD, we implement different techniques to eradicate snake pests from your home or desired place. From prevention measures to their complete elimination, our professionals will be responsible for carrying out and carrying out the entire process.

Pest service control BD snake pest control method is not toxic to the environment, people, or pets. In addition to this, the tenants of the houses will not have to leave their homes at the time of repelling the snakes. Once the problem is eliminated, our team will evaluate the critical points of the house or physical place to avoid future snake pests that can cause problems.

Our snake control service consists of an inspection to correct a series of physical measures to avoid snakes combined with a professional, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly repellent treatment, people, and pets.

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Snake Control Service in Bangladesh

Avoid weeds. Mow the lawn frequently. Do not let the grass exceed 5 cm tall. Snakes like to hide among the tall grass. Prune the bushes, as they can be a shelter for snakes.

Do not leave open windows and doors of patios and gardens. Snakes like wet and cold places and may take the opportunity to accommodate in basements and semi-basements, as well as ground floors.

Keep the pests of mice and insects under control, as they are a source of food and attraction for snakes. But never worry if you have any pest of this type, our company will carry out a combined treatment.

Take the sealing measures that we recommend in cracks and slits, place weatherstrips under doors, etc.

Snake bites

Having a plague of snakes near your home is dangerous because it increases the likelihood of being bitten. It is even more hazardous when snakes turn out to be poisonous.

Most snake bites occur by surprise and without realizing the proximity of the animals. A large number of bites occur in regular jobs such as gardening, agriculture. Snakes take advantage of shrubs, bushes, or places that are not easily accessible to hide. However, if we pass near them, they can be threatened and attacked. Therefore, it is especially dangerous in the case of children. They have a smaller body, so the poison acts faster and with greater force.

Bites of poisonous snakes

A venomous snake bite is considered an emergency case. You should go to the nearest hospital or clinic because you can not predict the effect that snake venom will cause in the body of each individual. The results of the toxin are different in each type of snake. However, the most severe cases of poison can be lethal.

Fortunately, in Dhaka, poisonous snakes are not lethal. However, the toxic power of snakes should not be underestimated because the effect they will have on each one’s organism is unknown.

Hospitals have specific drugs and antidotes for each snake bite, so before a venomous snake bite, you should go to the nearest hospital and as soon as possible.

Bites of non-venomous snakes

Before a non-venomous snake bite, it is best to act as with a venomous snake bite. That is, go immediately to the doctor even to confirm that the bite has not been poisonous.

Usually, these bites are generally treated as if they were a normal wound, that is, by disinfecting the area so that it heals properly. However, the medium may prescribe antibiotics to avoid infections if deemed appropriate.

    “Problems with pests? We can give you a quick and professional solution.”


    The safety of your household should be a priority to you, and if that is the case, doing everything possible to make your home snake-free is a sacrifice worth paying. The snake pest infestation must be handled with absolute care, which makes the service of professional snake pest control technicians inevitable.

    Another reason why you need the service of professionals is that it is dangerous since you might not be able to identify the precise species of snake disturbing your home, whether it is poisonous or not. So it will be in your best interest to contact us at Pest control service BD to effectively manage your snake’s related issues for you.

    Do you have a very specific pest question?

    One of the expert pest technicians at Pest Control Services BD will provide you with an answer ASAP.

    Essential Facts About Poisonous and Non-Poisonous Snakes That Will Help You Repel

    Snakes are dangerous for pets. They eat decorative fish, toads, and even small cats.

    Do not lie near a snake. Snakes theoretically cannot jump to the level of a person’s head, and a bite on the face of venomous snakes or is not very dangerous and toxic and can even leave a scar on your face, which is why you should not bend over and keep your distance when you try to get rid of them.

    Snakes are seasonal animals. Despite their love for heat, many snakes become slow when it’s hot. They even hibernate in summer. Similar behaviors occur in winter. Snakes are more active when they are breeding (in the spring and early summer) and when it’s merely hot. Another exciting thing about them is that when it is hot in the day, they crawl in the shade, and then when some cold comes, they crawl back to the Sun. This is why you can find them enjoying the Sun on the pavement.

     Snakes are the queens of hunger strikes. They can easily survive for several weeks without eating. They also carry it well with a small dam for a long time. Snakes are the most greedy creatures that exist.

    Snakes have young differently. They also reproduce in different ways. Some lay eggs in moist soil and protected areas and wait for hatching for 2-2.5 months. Others, like the copper-headed snake, the water snake, or the rattlesnake, are viviparous. Also, others carry their eggs inside their bodies.

     Urbanization brings them closer to people. Snakes by themselves are not lush in human neighborhoods. They are afraid of lawnmowers, cars, and ground vibrations. But humans cut forests and the natural habitat of snakes, so they seek shelter and food wherever.

    Snakes are deaf. They perceive sounds through the vibration of the ground, so they still feel the footsteps of humans.


      If you have any further questions about pest control service, see our FAQ (Questions and Answers) section.

      What kind of customers and properties do you work with?

      Our services are suitable for homes, offices, garments, textiles, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, pharmaceuticals, warehouses, etc.

      What Areas do you cover?

      Currently, we work in Dhaka, Gazipur,  Savar, Narayangonj, Chattogram. Pest Control Services on request in Khulna, Barisal, Mymensingh, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Sylhet, and All over Bangladesh.

      What are your working hours?

      We need to offer treatments 24/7, including bank holidays, as we understand that situations can arise at any time. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

      What is needed to book an appointment?

      We need information about your premises, the type of pest and the length of time that the infestation has existed, whether or not you have tried to resolve it on your own, and where the infestation is located on the property. In addition, we need to know in advance how parking will be organized, what payment option you select, and your credit or debit card information (if you choose to pay by card).

      How many exterminators do you send to an address?

      In most cases, only one pest controller is sent to a property. If the infestation is significant, two exterminators may be needed, depending on the personalized service plan.

      Do the exterminators you send have any sort of identification?

      Wearing uniforms is a requirement as well. You are always welcome to contact the main office if you have any suspicions.

      How long does a visit take?

      It is not an hourly service, and the technician leaves when the job is complete. Depending on the type of pest and level of infestation, the amount of time required varies.

      Is there a do-it-yourself solution?

      No, not really. It is mostly not possible for the general public to purchase insecticides and pesticides used for pest control.

      Do you offer long term services?

      Yes, we offer regular pest control services for commercial clients.

      Is it possible to schedule for the same day?

      In our coverage area, we provide emergency treatment for all properties. Within 4 hours, a professional pest technician can arrive to handle your case.

      Do you provide pest treatments on weekends?

      Yes, we do! Our services are available to you even on weekends and holidays.

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