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Trouble with Rodents?

Rat and mice are two extremely common rodents. Rat and mice infestations can be found everywhere in the world. Rodents are highly destructive pests. Rats and mice have been known to destroy lots of property, industrial products, and agriculture products. Overall, agricultural production has been severely harmed by rodent infestation. It has been known for rodents to destroy more than 15% of the agriculture product. To deal with that, the Bangladesh Government has declared a Rodent Killing Week in November.


Rodent Control

Pest Control Services BD entomologist team has been finding and researching ultimate methods of treatment rodent control. Pest has various kinds of treatment available for controlling rat and mice populations. Pest Control Services BD rat and mice control techniques are highly eco-friendly. Some rat and mice control techniques are 100% poison free and other kinds are low poison treatment methods.

We have a team of extremely well-trained and experienced rodent control technicians to ensure the best quality treatment and 100% client satisfaction. Pest Control Services BD does not compromise on matters of client satisfaction and quality. Pest Control Services BD strive to make the quality of their service above the international standard. We do everything in our power to ensure that Pest Control Services BD means quality.

Methods of Rodent Control:

  • Rodent Glue Trap (100% Poison Free)
  • Zinc Phosphide Treatment (Poison)
  • Rodent Metal Trap (100% Poison Free)
  • Customized Medicine Spraying (Poison)
  • Aluminum Phosphide Treatment (Low Poison)

For controlling rat and mice populations; service frequency is an extremely important matter. Nobody, not even us, can treat a rodent infestation in one service. For the effective controlling of rodent populations, you will need continuous treatment, according to a proper treatment schedule. So always choose Pest Control Services BD. We have taken great care in investigating infested properties before treatment services even begin, and choose appropriate and effective treatment methods. We’ll even take care of the future treatment schedule for you.

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