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Pest Control for Garments, Textile Factories, Manufactures And Exporters

Keeping pest control management in check-in garment and textile factories is very important to minimize waste, ensure quality, keep employees healthy, and eventually increase the organization’s economy.

There is a significant problem with mosquitoes, rats, and rodents in textile and garment factories. There are three types of insects that damage clothing: Cloth Moths, Carpet Beetles, and Silverfish. 

The bites of mosquitoes on humans are responsible for spreading diseases. Malaria, Chikungunya, Yellow fever, West Nile Virus, filariasis, and Zeka fever can affect employees.

Several insects can damage fabrics, such as cloth moths, carpet beetles and cotton moths. In the context of clothing, carpets, art, and curtain materials, silverfish may cause damage to wool, cotton, silk, and rayon fabrics. During the day, silverfish are rarely spotted, and they prefer dark, cool places to live and develop.

Customized pest management programs are designed to meet your factory’s needs. “PESTICIDES CAN BE USED PROPERLY ONLY IF WE UNDERSTAND HOW TO USE THEM”. WHO recognizes and certifies our chemical products as totally stain-free and utterly harmless to warm-blooded animals. We provide expert pest control services for pest-free environments.

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