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Ba, ChittaIf your home and office have pest control problems and you can not get rid of yourself. You may hire a professional pest control service provider near you. But how do you know they are good at for the job?? If you need to get those answers here are 6 tips before hire and pest control company in Dhaka city. 

1.   Is the company have pest control licensed?

There are lots of the company they have an only website or facebook page but do not have any good experience or eliminate the pest from your home or office. Because the chemicals they have used for that they need proper training and the proper mixture of it. If they do not have any licensed and training they can not provide you the best service. So before you hire any pest control company in Dhaka. Ask them before hire do you have pest control licensed? 

2.   Is the company able to talk about the treatment process for your home?

Choose the right pest control company is important and also ask them the process when they start work. What is the work you need to do? Because the chemicals they have used which is harmful for pest and peoples. 

Here are the few questions you need to know

  1. After their service how long we can turn off the room or office??
  2. What is the guarantee of their service?
  3. What is the maintenance process of it?

 How to Choose pest control company in Dhaka

3.   Does the company have a good track record?

If you are hiring a pest control company in Dhaka city you need to see a few things. Check their online presence how are they providing the services. People say good about them or do they have a bad review or good review. Or you can make a comment and see how people response about them.

4.   Does the company have appropriate insurance? 

Most of the pest control company does not have insurance. But they are working for industrial or commercial pest management service. They have created a fake insurance certificate for it and providing the services. It’s a responsibility before you hire any company to ask them are they have insurance for their employees. Because of commercial or industrial pest control management is risky. Before you hire you should think are that company have insurance?

5.  Does the company guarantee its work?

You have to know about the company they provide guarantee work for pest problems. It is the most important commitment. Like you hire them for termite control for your office and they make a schedule that every 6 months you need to maintain the service. And then you saw after three months termite again back and they want to make an extra charge for it. So before you hire these types of company you make an agreement with them. 

6.  Is the company affiliated with a professional pest control association?

Before you hire any pest control company make sure they are attached with the Dhaka pest control association. Because it is important for you. If they are attached to the association. They will get twice pest management training yearly. That means you are choosing the right pest control company in Dhaka city. 

For additional information on choosing a pest control company:

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