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Trouble with Bed Bugs?

Bedbugs are tiny insects, flat, oval shape, reddish-brown, and they don’t have wings. They feast at night and rest during the day, which makes them nocturnal parasites. These parasites live on blood to survive, and they are also capable of carrying disease into their bodies. The bites of bedbugs can cause allergies to victims, and continuous bugs can also trigger anxiety.

Bedbugs are generally found in shoes, on clothes, in the house, hospitals, furniture, and so much more — this infestation also causes distress and trauma to their victims. If bedbugs are not treated fast, it can multiply over 300 just in few months. The presence of bugs poses a health risk to your home and business. At Pest Control Service, we offer different measures to remove bedbugs from your home. With our techniques and strategy in dealing with bed bugs issues, the service we offer will provide a long long-lasting. 

Bed Bug Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bed Bug Inspection

If you have noticed any sign of bedbugs in your home or workplace and you require the best bedbugs control service to help stop the infestation, contact us and let our experts at Pest Control Service Bd come and inspect your home.

Bedbugs are hard to find and very sneaky, but our trained experts will locate them as long as they are there. Our first visit, we will inspect your property and everything inside it, from the bed, furniture, rugs to linens. The inspection we conduct is done on targeted areas, and if need, maybe we use some tools to check cracks. When Pest Control Service technicians start the investigation, they usually start from the bedroom, then furniture and other areas around the furniture.

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trusted pest control services
trusted pest control services
trusted pest control services
trusted pest control services

BedBug Control Service Solutions

This service is significant because it eliminates these blood-sucking pests that cause stress and trauma to homeowners. Bed bugs infestations can also destroy the reputation of your business. The conventional controlling methods of bedbugs have been proven to be ineffective, but with our trained experts, all bedbug infestation will be eliminated.

The ordinary eyes can’t detect bedbugs. Pest Control Services Bd offers very high protective control measures when it comes to eliminating bed bugs from your workplace and home. Our strategic bedbugs controlling method includes the following:

      • Evaluation and Inspection: Control Services starts by sending an expert to your home or workplace to inspect all the areas. Our professionals track every hiding corner of bedbugs, with great tools and show you the root of the issue.
      • Bed Bug Treatment Service: The next thing that follows after the inspection is completed is the treatment plan. Our experts will discuss with you the different types of bedbugs treatment and best suitable for your bed bug infestation. This process is beneficial and yields positive results.
      • Monitoring Services: The treatment options are completed. Our Pest Control Service experts monitor the results and check out how effective the treatments are and ensure sustainability.


Bed Bug Treatment Services

In less than a few months, bedbugs can increase massively, and this poses a high-risk threat to human comfort. The best way to approach these blood-sucking parasites is by getting rid of it. Pest Control Service ensures that the bed bugs from your homes and workplace environment are taking care of with immediate effect. 

Our experts are trained with years of experience in the industry. They know everything that has to do with bed bugs infestation. We have been able to develop a working strategy that can assist in producing the best and long-lasting results;

  • Conventional Treatments Method: Pest Control Service Bd standard treatment is one of our best traditional bed bug treatment that has yielded a maximum effect on the elimination of bedbugs in your workplace and household. Our experts apply this treatment formula to be able to see all the detected hiding locations of bed bugs in your property. They make sure that all the potential hiding corners are free from bed bugs.
  • Heat Treatments Techniques: We mostly use heat treatment techniques to eradicate bed bugs. Just this one-day treatment can provide a friendly environment solution by killing all the bed bugs in your homes and workplace by applying pesticides to the infested areas. Usually, infested areas are spaces that are heated to a high temperature by a portable heater, to make sure that these bloodsuckers are dead.
  • Bed Bug Dogs: These are dogs that can sniff any location in which bedbugs are hiding. Our trained dogs are vast, and they can smell bedbugs odour.

Household Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are prevalent in homes, commercial places, and hotels. Most bedbugs are brought in by travellers, carrying them inside their luggage. Bedbugs can also be brought into homes when homeowners bring in used clothes or furniture into their homes.

Pest Control Service Bd offers different types of non-chemical bedbugs pest control services to those with bed bug infestation in their home. We can monitor the results and offer advice on steps to take to avoid any future presence of bedbugs infestation.

Commercial Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs infestation in the business area can bring about a bad reputation for your business name and bad customer experience, bad reputation, and dwindling revenues.

Pest Control Services experts use this effective means and treatment to ensure solutions to your business and entirely free from bedbugs. Our conventional and heat treatment techniques have been proven effective in eliminating all life cycles of bedbugs stages. So if you have a bed bug infestation in your business premises, then contact us for a thorough inspection.

Why You Need To Hire Us

Pest Control offers effective techniques and proven methods of detecting and eliminating the source of your bed bug infestation issue. With our highly trained certified experts carrying out a thorough inspection of the infested area, and offer you the best treatment options available at an affordable cost. We put into consideration environment friendliness when eradicating bed bugs from your property.


If you have any further questions about bed bug control service, see our FAQ (Questions and Answers) section.

What do bedbugs look like in appearance?

Bedbugs are brown, tiny, and have an oval shape. So many people are scared of bugs and have unnecessary panic in which they destroy there furniture, clothing, and bed. So if there is any chance, you have flaws, or you noticed an insect that makes you feel uncomfortable and itch very bad than usual. Contact Pest Control Service today and make an appointment for a thorough inspection of your property. Don’t just jump into conclusion and panic; let’s take care of your property infestation.

How do bedbugs bite?

They have a specially built needle-like mouth. When the bed bug is on its victim, the needle comes out, and it is pierced underneath the skin through the blood vessels. The saliva in which the bedbugs inject numbs the area; so that the bite won’t be felt, and the bed bugs then release an anticoagulant that makes the blood flow freely.

Bedbugs love the carbon monoxide that we humans give off and also heat. Their senses help them find blood vessels that are close to them. Their ability to feed is not as fast as those of mosquitoes. They try to feed very fast before they return to hiding. If their victims get up while they are feeding, they will hide and scuttle away. They will want until their victims come back, and they return to where they left off.

Are bed bugs bite harmful?

Of course not, especially if you are talking about the physical risks, although their bites have health risks but are not like the bites of mosquitoes. Unlike mosquitoes, their bites are known to be very harmful to health. Bedbugs bite affects individuals differently, and the sting range from small to severe allergic reactions.

They cause trauma, and it drops heavy emotions when you wake up with the bites all over your body. Your personal space will be invaded, which will be distressing to you from a psychological standpoint. When you find bites everywhere on your body, then you have bedbugs infestation that has to be taking care of as soon as possible.

Bedbugs are difficult to eliminate since they are very tiny, and with an untrained eye, you won’t be able to see it. You need to contact an expert in this field to assist you in solving the infestation problem to stop any future reoccurrence of another bedbugs infestation.

At Pest Control Service, we always update ourselves with the latest technology in dealing with the menace of bed bugs. Pest Control Services offers both residential and commercial bed bug infestation issues. We use our techniques in controlling and eliminating measures using the latest technology to provide the best solution to your bed bug problems.

Additionally, after we are through with the treatments, we follow you up to make sure the operation is active, and our customers’ needs are satisfied and free of bedbugs.

WithPest Control Service, your bed bug problems will be eradicated in 24 hours. Our joy lies in our customers were happy, and it gives us the utmost pleasure that their needs were satisfied.

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