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Ants Pest Control Service in Dhaka

Ants Control Services in Dhaka

Ants are everywhere, all over different places in the world. In our home, they cause menace and damage food and property. Ants can travel very far in search of food, and there is always food in our homes. If you want complete elimination of ants around your property and you take the do-it-yourself approach, you will finally see the ineffectiveness of such a plan. Ants are dangerous insects.

At Pest Control Service Bd, we offer you the best ants control service treatment options that are very effective and reliable to get rid of ants in your workplace and around your home. Firstly, we take careful steps as we deal with our strategic plan in other to get rid of ants infestation. Our experts identify the specific species of ant in your property. Then we properly approach a way to eliminate the ants’ infestation with a control strategy in getting rid of the ants’ infestation completely.

After a few years, we have obtained various strategies in handling all types of ant infestation. Our experts at Pest Control Service will offer the best-recommended solution that is very effective in treating ants’ infestation issues. We have to make sure you don’t experience ants infestation again.

Red Imported Fire Ants, Argentine Ants, Black House Ant, Carpenter Ants are a few of the common kinds of ant which we may find in our homes. But we know how to get rid of these insects. We have experience with how to manage an ant infestation in your property. We have been applying several innovative kinds of treatment to ant control. We do not apply the same methods again and again because ants are a tolerant insect that can acclimatize to a particular pesticide or insecticide very quickly. So we are careful to use different kinds of pesticide and insecticide each service (the frequency of pest control services is a minimum of every 6 months).

What is Ant Control Removal Service?

Ants control removal services are treatments for eliminating ants infestation from properties. Ants treatment is different depending on the type of species or size of the ants’ infestation. And it also depends if the ants’ infestation is outdoors or indoors. The treatment factors vary if the outbreak is on a business and not in a home.

The ants’ elimination process is a particular one that should be done with care by an expert. At Pest Control Service, our experts are trained for this, and they know the best ways to deal with ants infestation from your property. Contact Pest Control Service and get a home or business inspection today and figure out the causes of ants infestation in your property.

Ants infestation can bring diseases into our homes and also destroy our food. Some ants sting can be dangerous, and our health is at risk. With Pest Control Service Bd ant infestation can be treated, they offer options you can get in getting rid of ants in your property.

The elimination of ants infestation and control treatments for home and business will be done by our dedicated and trained experts. The do-it-yourself treatment does not last. To avoid ant pest infestation to occur in the future, contact us. Give us a chance to deliver our services to you. Our experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your business and also your home to be able to identify the type of infestation you have. After that, our experts will discuss the treatment plan and recommend the best option for your ants’ infestation.

Before the treatment can begin, we carry out a thorough inspection of the premises and try to find the main nest of the ants, containing the queen. After a careful inspection has been carried out, we determine applicable pest control methods through a discussion with our senior technicians, entomologist, and the property owner. Then we apply the best methods of ant control treatment available.

Ants Control Services in Dhaka

Ants Infestation Health Risk 

Ant bites can cause serious health issues, which are related to allergic reactions. Children who are hypersensitive to ant venom can feel intense pain when they are bitten, which might also result in a shock. Property owners don’t even know that ants infestation can cause severe health problems. When ants go to your garbage bin, they can carry bacteria from the trash into your home, and this can lead to people in the household getting sick. Beware of ants infestation and contact an expert to eradicate these pests that pose health risk threats.

So if you have an ant infestation in your property, don’t hesitate to contact Pest Control Service for an inspection and elimination service of your ant problem. Our experts will take a thorough inspection of your property to identify the problem. 

Carpenter Ants Removal and Control

Carpenter ants infestation is the most challenging for controlling because these ants can smoothly go through a little crack on your walls. Carpenter ants can also chew wood using mandibles, and they find a suitable place to create chambers to lay their eggs. Property owners can hear these ants eating the structures of wood.

Contacting an expert is the best and most effective way of getting rid of your carpenter ant infestation problem. At Pest Control Service Bd, we have advanced techniques used in detecting and treating the ants’ infestation, and we make sure that it doesn’t reoccur in the future again. These advanced techniques will pass through the following:

Inspection: When you noticed or spotted any ant infestation, and you want to protect your home, then contact Pest Control Service Bd for your property inspection. We have Licensed experts who will conduct a thorough investigation of your property. They will identify the carpenter ants’ route to your home and their colony’s nest, and all these will be documented for the implementation step.

Implementation: This is done after a thorough inspection of your property. Our expert will discuss these findings and the best treatment options suitable for you. Necessary action and treatment will be implemented on your choice of treatment, and they will work with you to give you the best results to avoid any carpenter ants infestation in the future.

Monitoring: At Pest Control Service, our expert will continue to monitor the progress of the treatment and ensures that it is effective.

Ants Bait Technique:

The bait and techniques are one of the best ways of dealing with ants pest infestation. So if you are facing challenges with your ants’ issues, do not hesitate to contact Pest Control Service expert to help with your problems. Our ant Bait technique is very useful. An insecticide bait is provided as food to the ants, and then when they eat it, they will carry some part to their nest, which will help in the destruction of the carpenter ants colony.

Ants Control Services in Dhaka

Why You Should Hire Us

At Pest Control Service, our expert will take their time to monitor the progress of the results to see how effective the treatment is working, and they take appropriate monitoring measures to make sure that the ants’ infestation doesn’t occur again.



How did I get ants?

Due to poor sanitation and leaving dirty plates, spoons, leftovers in the sink, crumbs scattered at home can attract ants looking for food to take to their territory. Ants infestation can start with a few foragers, which can turn to a big issue; when ants established their colonies in your home inside your lawns.

How dangerous are ants?

Ants can contaminate food at your home through the bacteria they carry on their bodies. These bacteria can be spread as they crawl across countertops and pantries. Only a few ants species are believed to spread health risk diseases. But the presence of ants in your pantries can be annoying, and this makes us unhappy. Carpenter ants infestation can cause massive damage by chewing through woods to make a passage. While fire ants sting causes intense pain and which can result in allergic reactions to hypersensitive individuals.

How can you tell if you have ants?

When it comes to fire ants infestation, there are a lot of signs that show you might have them. Although fire ants are very tiny and red/brown, they prefer staying outdoors far from people’s homes. But when fire ants are searching for food, they come into your home through little openings to get food. Because they stay far from your home doesn’t mean that they don’t cause a nuisance in your home. But if you have noticed any red ants in your property, doesn’t mean you have fire ants although fire ants are red, their reproductive male is black.

Red fire ants build their house in the yard. These houses always look like hills of dirt. Unlike some other types of ants, you will not see a central hole near to the top. Be cautious, though, because if these ants perceived any threat to their home, it will cause hundreds of fire ants to come out and mount an attack.


Ants are very tiny, and sometimes their nest can be difficult to trace by just using the untrained eye. Carpenter ants infestation is not easy to control using the do-it-yourself approach method. It is only an expert that can get rid of an ant infestation because the process is a technical one. Our experts will do their best at this job and giving you the best results. They will deliver efficient solutions to help protect your home from ants any future ants infestation.

The essence of using an expert to eliminates ant infestation is to get rid of all these ants infestation issues altogether to avoid it from reoccurring in the future. We have developed different ways to handle ants infestation over the years, and we have every ants infestation that has come our way. We have trained and certified experts in this ants infestation field.

Pest Control Service offers a beneficial ants infestation treatment and prevents further future ants pests infestation. Your happiness is our priority. When you are satisfied, we are happy. We will make sure you get the best results and enjoy an ant-free home.

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